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A Mayberry State Of Mind
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A Mayberry State Of Mind
The Andy Griffith Show
Season 8

 Episodes 220-249
11 September 67 - 1 April 68

Season 8

8- 1 220 11 Sep 67 Opie's First Love Opie is crushed when his first love (Morgan Brittany) breaks a date with him to accept one from Fred Simpson.
8- 2 224 18 Sep 67 Howard the Bowler Howard Sprague is in the midst of bowling a perfect game when a power outage disrupts the match.
8- 3 227 25 Sep 67 A Trip to Mexico Aunt Bee is thrilled to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Mexico. However, which of her friends will she choose to accompany her?
8- 4 226 2 Oct 67 Andy's Trip to Raleigh Andy has some explaining to do to Helen when he returns from a "business" trip to Raleigh with a sunburn.
8- 5 225 9 Oct 67 Opie Steps Up in Class Andy and Aunt Bee put on airs when Opie becomes friendly with the son of a wealthy bank director.
8- 6 222 16 Oct 67 Howard's Main Event Howard Sprague is smitten with Millie Hutchins (Arlene Golonka), an employee of Boysinger's Bakery. Her last boyfriend (Allan Melvin), however, is the jealous type.
8- 7 223 23 Oct 67 Aunt Bee, the Juror Aunt Bee causes controversy when she hangs a jury on the basis that the defendant (Jack Nicholson) does not look like a criminal.
8- 8 228 30 Oct 67 Tape Recorder Opie and Arnold hear a little more information about a prisoner (Herbie Faye) than they should, after they plant a small tape recorder in his cell.
8- 9 229 6 Nov 67 Opie's Group Opie and his pals form a rock 'n' roll band and Andy worries when his schoolwork starts to suffer.
8-10 230 13 Nov 67 Aunt Bee and the Lecturer A visiting professor (Edward Andrews) is attracted to Aunt Bee because she resembles his deceased wife.
8-11 231 20 Nov 67 Andy's Investment Andy opens a self-serve Laundromat in order to save money for Opie's college fund.
8-12 233 27 Nov 67 Howard and Millie Howard and Millie's wedding plans are in jeopardy when they take a train trip to Millie's hometown in West Virginia.
8-13 234 4 Dec 67 Aunt Bee's Cousin Aunt Bee's visiting cousin Bradford (Jack Albertson) promises to sell her luscious homemade ice cream internationally and make the Taylor family a fortune.
8-14 232 11 Dec 67 Suppose Andy Gets Sick Law and order in Mayberry goes berserk when Andy is forced to swear in Goober as a deputy after he comes down with the flu.
8-15 235 18 Dec 67 Howard's New Life Howard Sprague tires of the daily grind and decides to move to a Caribbean Island.
8-16 221 25 Dec 67 Goober the Executive Andy and Emmett co-sign a bank loan that enables Goober to buy Wally's filling station.
8-17 237 1 Jan 68 The Mayberry Chef Unbeknownst to Aunt Bee, Andy and Opie suffer from poor eating at home while she stars as television chef.
8-18 236 8 Jan 68 Emmett's Brother-in-law In order to increase his income, Emmett closes his beloved fix-it shop and starts selling insurance.
8-19 239 15 Jan 68 Opie's Drugstore Job Responsible Opie is given the task of running the drugstore while the owner is away.
8-20 238 22 Jan 68 The Church Benefactors When the church acquires money from an estate, one faction wants to buy new choir robes, while another group wants to fix a structure problem within the house of worship.
8-21 240 29 Jan 68 Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting In Don Knotts' final appearance on the show, Barney brings the East and West together in sleepy Mayberry for a summit meeting.
8-22 242 5 Feb 68 Goober Goes to an Auto Show Goober feels like a failure when one of his old classmates (Noam Pitlik) appears to be quite successful.
8-23 243 12 Feb 68 Aunt Bee's Big Moment To the surprise of everyone, Aunt Bee is bound and determined to learn how to fly an airplane.
8-24 244 19 Feb 68 Helen's Past All of Mayberry is in shock when it's discovered that teacher Helen Crump was once arrested on a felony charge.
8-25 245 26 Feb 68 Emmett's Anniversary Tightfisted Emmett Clark decides to throw caution to the wind and buy his wife, Martha, a mink coat as an anniversary gift.
8-26 246 4 Mar 68 The Wedding When Howard's mother gets married and moves away, he decides to change his lifestyle and become a swinging bachelor.
8-27 247 11 Mar 68 Sam for Town Council Emmett gets upset with Andy, Howard and Goober, when they decide to support local farmer Sam Jones for town council instead of him.
8-28 248 18 Mar 68 Opie and Mike Young Mike Jones looks up to Opie as a big brother. However, their relationship is strained when Opie falls for a new girl in town.
8-29 249 25 Mar 68 A Girl for Goober On a lark, lonely Goober Pyle decides to try a computer dating service.
8-30 241 1 Apr 68 Mayberry RFD Sam Jones is joined in Mayberry by his old Army buddy, Mario Vinchenti, and his family.

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