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A Mayberry State Of Mind
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A Mayberry State Of Mind

The Andy Griffith Show
Season 4

Episodes 96 - 127
30 Sept 1963 - 18 May 1964

Season 4
4- 1 101 30 Sep 63 Opie the Birdman Opie kills a mother bird with his slingshot and is forced to become her babiesÕ surrogate mother.
4- 2 098 7 Oct 63 The Haunted House Two of Mayberry's bravest souls--Barney and Gomer--enter an old abandoned (and, purportedly, haunted) house.
4- 3 099 14 Oct 63 Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army When Mayberry's resident wild man is barred from enlisting in the Army, Ernest T. Bass goes on a glass-breaking rampage.
4- 4 100 21 Oct 63 The Sermon for Today Inspired by the day's church sermon (What's Your Hurry?), several Mayberrians decide to organize a relaxing band concert.
4- 5 096 28. Oct 63 Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee Attracted by her "rose poetry" and fine cooking, Briscoe Darling kidnaps Aunt Bee
4- 6 097 4 Nov 63 Gomer the House Guest Gomer, having lost his job and living quarters in one fell swoop, takes up temporary residence in the Taylor household.
4- 7 102 11 Nov 63 A Black Day for Mayberry A truck carrying gold is scheduled to travel through Mayberry while en route to Fort Knox.
4- 8 103 18 Nov 63 Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain Opie is rewarded with a new bike after receiving straight A's. However, due to a mistake, Opie decides to run away from home.
4- 9 105 25 Nov 63 A Date for Gomer Girl-shy Gomer Pyle is asked to escort Thelma Lou's homely cousin, Mary Grace Gossage (Mary Grace Canfield), to the Chamber of Commerce dance.
4-10 104 2 Dec 63 Up in Barney's Room Barney's dear friend and landlord, Mrs. Mendelbright, kicks him out of his room after being taken in by an elderly con man (J. Pat O'Malley).
4-11 106 16 Dec 63 Citizen's Arrest A war between Barney and Gomer erupts after Barney arrests Gomer for making an illegal U-turn.
4-12 108 30 Dec 63 Opie and His Merry Men Opie and his friends are taken in by a dishonest hobo.
4-13 109 6 Jan 64 Barney and the Cave Rescue Barney comes to the rescue when he believes Andy and Helen are trapped in Lost Lover's Cave.
4-14 110 13 Jan 64 Andy and Opie's Pal Opie gets jealous when Andy pays more attention to a new boy in town who doesn't have a father.
4-15 111 20 Jan 64 Aunt Bee the Crusader Aunt Bee and her friends anger Andy and Barney when they come to the support of a local farmer (Charles Lane) who is being evicted.
4-16 112 27 Jan 64 Barney's Sidecar Mayberry is in mayhem after Barney buys an old motorcycle with a sidecar in order to enhance the town's law enforcement.
4-17 113 3 Feb 64 My Fair Ernest T. Bass Andy steps into the role of Professor Henry Higgins to transform wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass into a sophisticated gentleman.
4-18 114 10 Feb 64 Prisoner of Love This off-beat episode features Andy and Barney falling for a beautiful female prisoner (Susan Oliver) who is being held at the Mayberry jail.
4-19 115 17 Feb 64 Hot Rod Otis Andy and Barney fear for Otis Campbell's safety when he decides to buy a car.
4-20 116 24 Feb 64 The Song Festers Barney gets discouraged when Gomer replaces him in the choir.
4-21 117 2 Mar 64 The Shoplifters Barney goes to extreme measures in order to discover who is shoplifting at the Department Store.
4-22 118 9 Mar 64 Andy's Vacation There is no peace for Andy when he leaves Deputy Fife in charge of the courthouse.
4-23 119 16 Mar 64 Andy Saves Gomer Andy begins to wish that he hadn't saved Gomer's life when the well-meaning mechanic cannot do enough to repay the debt.
4-24 120 23 Mar 64 Bargain Day Aunt Bee learns the hard way that buying at bargain prices isn't always the right decision.
4-25 121 30 Mar 64 Divorce, Mountain Style Charlene Darling Wash enlists the aid of Andy and Barney to use mountain folklore in order to divorce her husband (Bob Denver).
4-26 122 6 Apr 64 A Deal Is a Deal Barney and Gomer take it upon themselves to get Opie and his pals out of a selling scam with the Miracle Salve Company.
4-27 123 13 Apr 64 Fun Girls When the "fun girls" from Mt. Pilot return to Mayberry, Andy and Barney are soon in trouble with Helen and Thelma Lou.
4-28 124 20 Apr 64 The Return of Malcolm Merriweather Andy believes that Aunt Bee is working too hard, so he asks Malcolm Merriweather to help her with the household duties.
4-29 125 27 Apr 64 The Rumor When Barney spots Andy and Helen in Sterling's Jewelry Store, he starts telling everyone in town that the pair are getting married.
4-30 126 4 May 64 Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt When Barney starts taking Thelma Lou for granted, she tosses him a curve by going out with Gomer Pyle!
4-31 127 11 May 64 Back to Nature Barney proves to be a poor woodsman and pioneer when he goes on a camping trip with Andy, Gomer, Opie and a group of Opie's friends.
4-32 107 18 May 64 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer decides that he wants to join the Marine Corps. Andy attempts to discourage him, but Gomer is determined to succeed.

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