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A Mayberry State Of Mind
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A Mayberry State Of Mind

The Andy Griffith Show
Season 3

episode 064 - 091
01 October 62 - 06 May 63

Season 3

3- 1 066 1 Oct 62 Mr. McBeevee Andy and Barney believe Opie is letting his imagination get the best of him when the boy describes a new friend (Karl Swenson) who jingles when he walks and has twelve extra hands.

3- 2 067 8 Oct 62 Andy's Rich Girlfriend Upon discovering that Peggy comes from a wealthy family, Andy begins to worry that he is too unsophisticated for her.

3- 3 069 15 Oct 62 Andy and the New Mayor Andy butts heads with the town's strict new mayor (Parley Baer).

3- 4 065 22 Oct 62 Andy and Opie--Bachelors When Peggy looks after Andy and Opie while Aunt Bee is away, Floyd's teasing causes Andy to wonder if marriage is foremost on the lovely lady's mind.

3- 5 070 29 Oct 62 The Cow Thief When cows in Mayberry begin to disappear, Mayor Stoner brings in a special investigator.

3- 6 068 5 Nov 62 Barney Mends a Broken Heart Barney, believing that Andy has split up with Peggy, begins a find-a-girl-for-Andy movement.

3- 7 073 12 Nov 62 Lawman Barney Barney is intimidated by a pair of ordinance-breaking produce farmers.

3- 8 072 19 Nov 62 The Mayberry Band Andy schemes to get the ragtag Mayberry Band into a Raleigh band festival.

3- 9 071 26 Nov 62 Floyd the Gay Deceiver Lonely Hearts Correspondence Club member, Floyd Lawson, is about to meet his wealthy widowed pen pal (Doris Dowling). The trouble is, Floyd has misrepresented himself as a millionaire.

3-10 064 3 Dec 62 Opie's Rival Opie senses a change in his relationship with his father when Andy begins dating Peggy MacMillan.

3-11 074 10 Dec 62 Convicts-at-Large Barney and Floyd become the unwitting (and hilarious) victims of three female escapees (Reta Shaw, Jane Dulo, Jean Carson).

3-12 075 17 Dec 62 The Bed Jacket Aunt Bee hints that a frilly bed jacket would be a wonderful gift for her upcoming birthday. Is Andy listening?

3-13 078 24 Dec 62 The Bank Job Barney believes that the Mayberry Security Bank is an easy target for robbers.

3-14 079 31 Dec 62 One-Punch Opie Opie is dismayed when his friends fall under the influence of a wayward nine-year-old.

3-15 076 7 Jan 63 Barney and the Governor Barney is nervous after he tickets the governor's chauffeur (Rance Howard) for illegal parking. Could his job be in jeopardy?

3-16 077 14 Jan 63 Man in a Hurry A harried Charlotte businessman (Robert Emhardt) finds himself stranded in Mayberry. A Mayberry classic.

3-17 080 21 Jan 63 High Noon in Mayberry A man Andy once shot and sent to prison (Leo Gordon) decides to pay him a visit "to set the record straight." Barney is very concerned.

3-18 081 28 Jan 63 The Loaded Goat Farmer Cy Hudgins' goat, Jimmy, may have consumed a large quantity of dynamite.

3-19 082 4 Feb 63 Class Reunion Andy and Barney orchestrate and attend a very memorable class reunion.

3-20 083 11 Feb 63 Rafe Hollister Sings Farmer Rafe Hollister auditions for the Ladies League Musicale and snobbery rears its ugly head.

3-21 084 18 Feb 63 Opie and the Spoiled Kid A selfish and spoiled new boy in town sets a poor example for Opie.

3-22 085 25 Feb 63 The Great Filling Station Robbery A wayward young man, whom Andy is trying to help, is accused of a series of thefts from Wally's filling station.

3-23 086 4 Mar 63 Andy Discovers America Opie experiences trouble with history and is not exactly thrilled with his new teacher, "Old Lady" Crump (Aneta Corsaut).

3-24 087 11 Mar 63 Aunt Bee's Medicine Man Andy suspects that a traveling medicine man (John Dehner)'s magic "Indian Elixir" may be responsible for Aunt Bee's uplifted spirits.

3-25 088 18 Mar 63 The Darlings Are Coming An eccentric musical mountain family descends into Mayberry to welcome home a soon-to-be member of the clan. Denver Pyle and the bluegrass band, the Dillards, guest star.

3-26 089 25 Mar 63 Andy's English Valet An English valet (Bernard Fox), bicycling across America, takes a temporary job in Mayberry.

3-27 090 1 Apr 63 Barney's First Car Barney purchases his first car from a kindly little lady (Ellen Corby). Neither the car nor its former owner are as advertised.

3-28 091 8 Apr 63 The Rivals When Opie's young girlfriend ignores him, the lad finds himself a new one--Thelma Lou. Barney is not amused.

3-29 092 15 Apr 63 A Wife for Andy Barney does his best to find an eligible young woman for Andy.

3-30 093 22 Apr 63 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Andy, Barney and Opie find themselves sharing the courthouse with eleven dogs. To complicate matters, a jailhouse inspector is expected at any moment.

3-31 094 29 Apr 63 Mountain Wedding Briscoe Darling enlists Andy and Barney's aid in keeping wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) at bay.

3-32 095 6 May 63 The Big House Barney and a newly-deputized Gomer Pyle are put in charge of things while Andy participates in a manhunt. George Kennedy appears as a Memphis detective.

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