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Hey it is the Becker Family page. Below are the files and instructions needed to share and use the family tree.

Create a new folder on your desktop and name it family. Just follow the instructions and you should have no problems if you do you are welcome to call me, home is 513-481-0350 or cell 513-487-9944

family tree zip  
   Once you click on the zip file the options for open or save will come up as shown below and click the save as that way it will allow you to save it to your family folder.

family file
The above file is the actually family tree file with all the information. When you click on the above file the option to save the file will appear at the bottom of the page as shown click the save as and save to the family folder.

Once both files are saved you will need to open and extract the zipped files, they should also be able to be placed in the family folder.

Once the files are extracted and the folder is open, click on the family tree heritage application shown below.  

Once you click on that file the application will open with several options one is an option for ftp at ancestry.com, we have never used that option so not sure what you can expect if you choose that option we leave it as set.  the second or third one is shown below. You want to open the current file so when you click on open and you will be able to go to the family folder and open the family file.

When the file opens you should actually see my dads name first, click on the harry john Becker located at the top right and it will open the family. Ralph is listed last as he was the baby of the family. The names of the Ralph Becker family were added from a very old file that I am not sure of it's accuracy so if there is any error please excuse it. I have added some of the information I was able to find on face book but most comes from older files.

I hope this helps also this page will remain since it is set as private and can be shared with all the Becker family for anyone wishing to add or change things. I do request if the family adds their information if they could share and send the family file in email or something. The file itself travels well it is the program which requires all this set up.

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