The Mayberry Chef

Crispy BBQ Wings

Welcome to A Mayberry State of Mind’s The Mayberry Chef Section. All the recipes contained in this section were contributed by members and fellow fans of The Andy Griffith Show just like you. All the comfort food recipes we have in this section have been Family Taste Tested and passed with great success. We hope you find perhaps a meal or two or maybe even a snack that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Because of a day of over 50 spambot registrations I am forced to make so if at anytime you feel you wish to contribute a recipe to this section you will need to contact me @ contact me. . If you are attempting to use this as a vessal to spam non relavent information to this site we have spambot is use and report all spam activity. If by some chance you have troubles registering please feel free to contact me.
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