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A Mayberry State Of Mind
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A Mayberry State Of Mind



Welcome to A Mayberry State of Mind's Sounds and Down Loads page. In the lower left hand side bar of the page you will find a list of the available sounds we have for listening  and download. To listen to the file you simply need to click on the file name and your media player should automatically open. To download the file right click on the file name and save target (the file) to your computer. If there is a file you would like to request please click here. A file not working? click here to let us know so we can get it working. Like to hear more sounds from around Mayberry? Visit our ol buddy Emmett from the fix it shop @ Them Timers are Tricky

Parodies Andy Andy with the ladies
 Andy and Barney
Andy where are they now                                
Andy's the sheriff
Confederate Railroad Elvis and Andy Do the Barney Fife
Ernest T Bass
On The Andy Griffith Show
The Life and Loves of Andy Taylor                           
The Mayberry Rap
We Love Barney Fife                                             
Andy Discovers America                          
Andy Discovers William Shakespear
There is a Time
The Crawdad Song (Opie and Andy)
Dig My Grave with a Silver Spade
I wish I was a Rosey Bush
When John Henry was a little Baby 
Ol Dan Tucker (Opie and Andy)
The Vacant Chair 
Down is the Valley (Andy and Peggy)  
Away in a Manger (Andy and Ellie)
Just in Love (Helen, Howard, Alice and Andy)
Seeing Nellie Home (Thelma Lou, Ellie, Barney and Andy)
The Darling Family  Barney  Aunt Bee
There is a Time (Charlene)
Low and Loney (Briscoe)
Shady Grove  (Charlene)
Leaning on the everlasting arm
(Andy and the Boys)
Ebo Walker
Salty Dog

Sing Along with Barn
Barney to Andy's Defense
Barney speaking on Giraffes
Barney and Bat Eggs
This is the Month of May
Oh My Darling Barney Fife
The Rock
A Whim
Reliable Barney Fife Reporting
Important Message

A Fading Flower
China Town (with the Ladies Auxilery)
Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye (Opie and Aunt Bee)
Aunt Bee getting a little scary

 Neighbors and Visitors  Gomer Goober
Emma talks about Age
Music from Gossiping Men
Mayberry Goes Hollywood
Howard Sprague the Comedian
Jim Lindsey playin in the key of S
Malcolm Tucker going into a Rant
Mayberry Midnight Special (Jim Lindsey and Andy)
Dave Brown on Discussions
How do you do Mrs. Willey (Ernest T Bass)

No Count Mule
Santa Lucia
In the Gloaming
People sure are odd
Goober the Philosopher 1
Goober the Philosopher 2
Goober the Philosopher 3
Goober and the Art of Love

Floyd  Rafe Hollister  
Floyd as John Mayberry
Hail to thee Miss Mayberry
Floyd on good suits
Floyd Rants
Floyds Final words on the show
The Little Brown Church in the Vail
Lonesome Road
Endearing Young Charms
New River Train
The introduction of Neil Bentley
Neil Bentley suggesting a settlememt
Gently Sweet Aflon (Josephine Pike) 
The Mayberry Players (Country Boys)
The Theme song
The Fishing Hole  (sang by Andy)
Ron Baily Learns a Lesson
Otis Driving      


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