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A Mayberry State Of Mind
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Andy Taylor / Andy Griffith ~ A Mayberry State Of Mind
Opie Taylor / Ron Howard
Barney Fife / Don Knotts
Floyd Lawson / Howard McNear
Helen Crump / Aneta Corseaut
Thelma Lou / Betty Lynn
Gomer Pyle / Jim Nabors
Goober Pyle / George Lindsey
Otis Campbell / Hal Smith
Ernest T Bass / Howard Morris
Briscoe Darling
Charlene Darling Wash / Maggie Peterson Mancuso
Clara Edwards / Hope Summers
African Americans in Mayberry
Allan Melvin
Ellie Walker / Elinor Donahue
Flora Malherbe / Alberta Nelson
Howard Sprague / Jack Dodson
Malcolm Meriwether / Bernard Fox
Mayors of Mayberry
Peggy "Peg" McMillan / Joanna Moore
Mr Schwamp / Mr. Schwump
Aunt Bee Taylor / Frances Bavier

A Mayberry State Of Mind
is proud to Present
Frances Bavier / Aunt Bee Taylor

Frances Bavier

In NYC. She received her education from Columbia University and the American Academy of Dramatic arts where she graduated in 1925. She continued to perform on Broadway and when WWII occurred, she toured Europe and the Pacific with the USO. She had two regular roles on television. Her first role was landlady Mrs. Amy Morgan on “It’s a Great Life” from 1954 to 1956. From 1957-1958 she had the role of Nora on the “Eve Arden Show”.
    In 1959, she appeared on the pilot for TAGS as Widow Henrietta Perkins. This led her to becoming Aunt Bea Taylor when TAGS began in 1960. She continued on as Aunt Bea in Mayberry RFD. She was awarded an Emmy in 1967 for her role on TAGS. Other than Don Knotts, she was the only member of the cast to be honored.
    She worked very little after the series, although she did do some commercial work. After settling in Siler City, she opened up an antique shop, Aunt Bees Antiques. She had a large house with many cats. She was an extremely private person.
    Incidentally, the voice heard in Aunt Bees in the 1986 television movie Return to Mayberry was not Bavier’s. She refused to be part of the project. Frances Bavier died on December 6, 1989 in Siler City of congestive heart failure.

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Aunt Bee Taylor

Beatrice 'Bee' Taylor was the spinster aunt of Andy Taylor. Aunt Bee returned to Mayberry to care for her widowed nephew Andy Taylor and his young son Opie after their long time housekeeper gets married. While there is never a mention of a marriage Aunt Bee is seen wearing a wedding band throughout the series. She was called Aunt Bee by many of the Mayberry residents out of respect.  As a southern woman she is very strong willed in her convictions. She protested the removal of a long time friend and egg man Mr. Frisbee for a freeway and her arrest in the Bazaar Bingo Bust. She took strong stands on how to raise Opie. Yet like many of the woman in the sixties, she had troubles with standing up for herself though, asking Andy permission to drive, buy a car and learning to fly.  Aunt Bee also showed great cooking skills even hosted her own television show but when it came to canning she lacked some experience. Loosing in a pickle canning contest, to her long time school friend, Clara Edwards for several years in a row. Like any other down home southern woman she went on to sport around town in a wig and a fur, work a job, run for council and even open a restaurant.

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